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The Michigan Relay Center (MRC) is operated by AT&T on behalf of Michigan's Local Telephone Companies.


To reach us dial:  1-800-649-3777 or 711




Placing calls from your Hearing Carryover (HCO)

If you are speech-impaired, HCO allows you to listen directly to the hearing person.  Follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-800-649-3777 or 711.
  2. The Michigan Relay Representative (REP) will answer by typing:  MRC REP ### (number) F or M (Female or Male) GA (Go Ahead).
  3. Type (area code, telephone number) HCO GA.
  4. The Rep will acknowledge, dial the number, announce the call and explain relay , if necessary.
  5. After you see the "GA", type your messages on the TTY.  The Rep will voice your message to the other person.  Remember to always type "GA" (Go Ahead) before you pick up the handset to listen to what the other person is saying.*
  6. After the hearing party says "GA", put the handset into the TTY and type back what you want to say.
  7. Continue the process till you are done with the call.
  8. If you initiate the call, you will be asked if you wish to make another call.  Type in your response using the TTY.  You may need to let the Rep know you want to continue using the HCO method.

*These instructions are for persons using a standard TTY and Telephone.



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